THE number of lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in Somerset rose by 25% in the week July 28 and August 3, the latest Government figures show.

Between July 28 and August 3, 2020, 10 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the Somerset County Council area, according to the latest numbers from NHS England - a rise of 25% compared to the previous week.

The data also includes the number of cases 'triaged' through NHS Pathways - calls to NHS 111 and 999 and through NHS 111 online and is not a count of people.

This total - which is where people using those services who have received a potential Covid-19 disposition, but not had it confirmed by a test - stood at 210, up 4% (8 incidents) on the previous week.

Of those, 161 came through NHS 111 Online (up 14%), and 49 (down 20%) through Pathways 111 and 999.

The figures show a case rate (per 100,000 people) in Somerset of 0.23 for that period. The triage rate is 6.9 (per 100,000 people).

SOURCE: / NHS England