"I CAN'T imagine you not being around anymore."

A Somerset-based musician has paid emotional tribute to music legend Johnny Nash, who passed away this week, thanking him for a 'fabulous career' in music.

Nash, who achieved worldwide fame for his hit I Can See Clearly Now, died at home due to natural causes on Tuesday (October 6), aged 80.

Born in Houston, Nash's 1972 hit sold more than 1 million copies around the world, making him a household name.

And one man who watched it all unfold from close quarters was John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, who worked with Nash throughout the 1970s, even sharing a house with the star.

The pair first worked together - writing, performing and recording music - in Stockholm, Sweden, but then relocated to London in 1971.

"When we moved from Stockholm to London, we lived in an apartment building on Tottenham Court Road," Rabbit said.

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LEGENDS: Bob Marley, left, and Johnny Nash writing in Stockholm in 1970/71. PICTURE: John Rabbit Bundrick

Rabbit played on a host of Nash's releases, including I Can See Clearly Now.

And while in London, the pair had another housemate, a little-known Jamaican musician, called Bob Marley.

"Bob had a speciality soup that he made in the kitchen, called 'fish head soup'," he said.

"(One day) he had it on the stove and left the room.

"Marlene (Rabbit's then-girlfriend) came down to the kitchen when Bob was out of the room, saw it and smelled it and thought it was junk stuff, so threw it all down the garbage shoot!

"When Bob came back, his soup was gone.

"He went mad, yelling at us all, but when he found out Marlene did it, he gave her a cuddle and said it was all okay.

"He was after Marlene during our whole time together - I had to watch them all when Marlene was around - she was a good catch!"

Rabbit went on to play on a number of Marley - and The Wailers' - albums, including the seminal Catch a Fire, released in 1973.

He toured the world with Nash, wowing crowds across the globe.

And he paid an emotional tribute to the singer songwriter, his and Bob's friend and housemate, writing: "Johnny, God Bless You.

"I can’t imagine you not being around anymore.

"Thank you for starting and giving me a fabulous career in music.

"And thank you for all of the Good Times in my life. 

"You did it man.

"I love you so much.

"Until I see you again in heaven.

"John Rabbit Bundrick"

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