HERE are the roadworks that will be in place in Somerset next week:

Somerset West and Taunton:

  • Multi-way traffic controls on Blackbrook Way, Taunton, until January 13.
  • Multi-way traffic controls on Shoreditch Road, Taunton, until January 29.
  • Multi-way traffic signals on Manor Orchard, Taunton, until January 15.
  • Temporary 30mph speed limit on Wellington Road, Taunton, until December 24.
  • Multi-way signals on Perry Elm Roundabout, Wellington, until June 18.
  • Two-way control signals on Wiveliscombe Road, near Taunton, until January 12.
  • Road closure on Tanners Hill, Wiveliscombe, until January 17.
  • Road closure on Top Road, Curry Mallet, until January 24.


  • Road closure on Glastonbury Road, Bridgwater, until July 31.
  • Lane closure on Bristol Road, Bridgwater, until January 30.
  • Two-way traffic controls on Woolavington Road, near Bridgwater, until January 15.
  • Two-way control signals on Mark Road, near Burnham-on-Sea, until January 10.
  • Road closure on Brent Road, East Brent until January 22.
  • Multi-way signals on Parsonage Road, Burnham-on-Sea, until January 15.


  • Road closure on Leigh Road, Street, until January 18.
  • Road closure on Cinnamon Lane, Glastonbury, until February 12.
  • Multi-way traffic controls on Bere Lane, Glastonbury, until January 11.
  • Give and take traffic controls on Heylar Close, Glastonbury, until January 14.
  • Road closure on Chamberlain Street, Wells, until April 30 2021.
  • Road closure on Milton Lane and Reservoir Lane, Wells, until January 15.
  • Two-way traffic controls on Haybridge Hill, Wells, until April 30.
  • Road closure on Bunns Lane, Witham Friary, until January 15.

There is also an emergency road closure in Wells, from January 11 until 21. 

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South Somerset: 

  • Road closure on Lower Pitney Road, Pitney, near Langport, until March 22.
  • Road closure on South Street, South Petherton, until January 24.
  • Road closure on Wood Close Lane, Allowenshay, until January 21.
  • Road closure on Wadeford Down Road to Catchgate, near Chard, until February 12.

There are also some road closure set to start from Monday, on Hayne Walk and High Street in Bridgwater, Hyde Lane in Taunton and North Street in Castle Cary.