THE family of a 92-year-old Somerset woman have complained that she has no idea when she is likely to get the Covid-19 vaccine - despite the the Prime Minister's father receiving his second shot.

Stanley Johnson, who has a home in Winsford, on Exmoor, told daytime television that he was having his second inoculation last Friday. That was given to him in London, where he also has a home.

Mr Johnson, 80, was speaking to ITV's Good Morning Britain three weeks after he was given the first Pfizer jab.

Elderly and vulnerable people receiving their first vaccine were originally told they would have a follow up inoculation three weeks later.

The Government has since extended that to 12 weeks to allow more people to get protection from the virus with their first inoculation.

Many people who had been given an appointment for a second vaccine have seen their appointments pushed back by nine weeks.

But on Friday Mr Johnson told Good Morning Britain: "I'm very much looking forward to it. I don't have to go far."

The son of the 92-year-old Somerset woman said: "My mother who lives at home on her own has heard nothing.

"It doesn't seem fair that the Prime Minister's father, who is 12 years younger, seems to have been given preferential treatment.

"You say he's been caught flouting the rules a few times. I was unaware of that. But it seems the rules are being flouted by someone again to allow him to have his second vaccine."

Mr Johnson has twice been spotted shopping without wearing a face mask.