With an extensive network of distributors across the South West, Gallagher are leaders in temporary and electric fencing systems for all applications and types of livestock with an outstanding track record of innovation.

  • Permanent and temporary fencing
  • Fences to keep your animals safe and where you want them
  • Fences to keep predators out
  • A full range of conductors
  • Extensive choice of energisers
  • If you need electric fencing, choose Gallagher as the right solution.

Outstanding reliability

Yeovil Express: You want to know your fence is going to operate effectively and efficiently. Our extensive range of energisers is proven to deliver exceptional performance. We are so confident that we are the only fencing manufacturer to offer an unrivalled seven-year warranty on all our energisers, giving you peace of mind and outstanding value for money.

Take a look at our range of energisers and you will find one that is perfect for your needs.

The future is solar

Yeovil Express:

As farmers and smallholders look for more environmentally friendly production methods, there has been increased interest in solar energisers. Gallagher leads the way in developing efficient and flexible solar systems.

Our range of solar energisers is lightweight, reliable and user friendly and can power fences up to 30km long. Our new solar energisers include a battery management system which prolongs the life of the battery and can run your fence for up to three weeks with no light so truly makes this an all-round solution.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a Gallagher solar energiser now and receive a free earth stake. (Terms & Conditions apply)

 Unrivalled expertise

Yeovil Express:

Installing an electric fencing system may seem daunting, making sure you have all you need, that it is sufficiently powered and that the layout is flexible and can allow future growth.

Which is why our team is on hand to bring you expert advice based on years of experience to help you develop the best fit system for your current and future needs. And once the fence is up and running, our Gallagher fence check guides you through how to ensure your fence is performing at optimum level. an annual review to make sure your fence is working as effectively as possible.

Call us now if you need help or support with your fence.

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