A MAN from Yeovil has been awarded a unique purple plaque for his services to the community.

Mat Callaghan, who has volunteered at the Lord’s Larder foodbank and raised around £50,000 of donations in 2020, was given the award by the Census 2021.

Twenty-two purple plaques - one for each census that has taken place - were given out across the country.

Mat said: “I am truly grateful to have received the Census 2021 Community Hero Award, amongst the hundreds of entries that were submitted.

“The Lord’s Larder food bank is a true passion project of mine, I am honestly thrilled to have been selected for this award.”

The entries were judged by a panel of noteworthy community champions, led by actress and presenter, Joanna Page.

“I am honoured to have been a judge on the Census 2021 community hero awards panel,” she said.

“It was such a pleasure to read through all the amazing entries. In what has been a difficult year for so many of us, this was a great opportunity to say thank you to the people who go above and beyond to serve their local community.”

Iain Bell, ONS Deputy National Statistician, added: “It has been incredible to see the reaction from local communities for this award which resulted in hundreds of entries across England and Wales.

“This is testament to just how many incredible people are doing amazing things, and how during this difficult year we have seen the best come out in people.

“We can all do something, however big or small, to help those around us.”

The census, which took place on March 21, will shed light on the needs of different groups of communities, and the inequalities people are experiencing, ensuring the big decisions facing the country following the pandemic and EU exit are based on the best information possible.

Census 2021 will inform decisions nationally and locally on vital services and issues.