POLICE have warned the public after an increase in anti-social behaviour in Yeovil.

They have had reports of "street drinkers" gathering near local business in the Sherborne Road area, "causing fear, intimidation and significant harm" to the area.

Groups have also been leaving behind large amounts of bottles and litter.

Yeovil Express: INCREASE: Anti-social behaviour in Yeovil. Pic: Yeovil Neighbourhood Policing

A Yeovil Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said they are also looking for information about a particular incident between a man and a woman at around 1:30pm on April 1.

"In relation to this there was an incident between a male and female in the car park in front of Majestic Wines," they said.

"This was at 1:30pm on Thursday, April 1. A number of members of the public were present and are also believed to have filmed the incident on their mobile phones.

"If anyone can provide any information, please call 101 quoting reference number 5221069893."