MEMBERS of the public have been warned not to have 'unnecessary' fires after 15 call-outs to fires out in the open yesterday (April 24).

Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service have said there are 'strong winds' to fan the flames on open fires, which cases devastation in woodlands, heathland, parks, moors and so on.

They are asking people to think carefully, as many of these fires are avoidable.

A spokesperson for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Community Safety and Prevention said: "Many fires like this are completely avoidable - they may be caused by a bonfire getting out of control, BBQs, or something like a discarded cigarette.

"This weekend the fire severity index is high, and there are strong winds to fan the flames.

"Please don't have unnecessary fires."

They have also issued advice on preventing wild fires:

  • Take your litter home
  • Don't throw cigarette ends on the ground or out of car windows
  • Glass in direct sunlight can cause fires - ensure there is none lying around
  • Don’t have camp fires and BBQs in the countryside. Only have them in safe designated areas.