CENTURIES of art are covered by lots at an upcoming auction.

Charterhouse will host a two-day auction on July 8 and 9, promising a raft of paintings in different styles, from different eras.

“Having been married for just shy of 30 years, paintings and art are one of the points which Mrs B and I do not always agree on,” said auctioneer Richard Bromell.

“Over the decades she has generally been tolerant of me buying art at auction but every so often I have to re-offer the picture back in the salerooms as no means no.”

What is Art? is a question often asked but never satisfactorily replied to.

In the Charterhouse auction are two completely different pictures from completely different times and will no doubt appeal to completely different buyers.

First up there is an Italian Old Master drawing attributed to Jacopo Chimenti, known as Jacopo da Empoli.

Born in Florence 1554 he had a long life and died in 1640. The brown ink, pen and wash drawing depicts the Madonna and Child appearing to Saints and is estimated at £1,000-£2,000.

Moving forward to the late 20th century, and estimated to sell for twice as much, is an oil painting by Cecil Kennedy.

Like Jacopo, Cecil lived a long live from 1905 to 1997. He is known for his highly detailed paintings of flowers and the Charterhouse picture does not disappoint.

Painted with a vase of flowers on a marble ledge the flowers are lifelike, as is the little Ladybird also painted climbing up the marble edge.

Charterhouse is accepting entries for their specialist auctions of pictures and books on July 8, mid-century modern and decorative arts on July 9, classic motorcycles on June 30, and for their auction of classic and vintage cars on July 15.

Contact Charterhouse on 01935 812277, by email to info@charterhouse-auction.com or via www.charterhouse-auction.com.