IT'S not often you find a building resembles a person, but one eagle-eyed reader sent in this snap claiming they have spotted a house that is a dead-ringer for Adolf Hitler.

The property, in Street, near Glastonbury, has windows which seem to gaze over the wall and a sloping roof which creates an illusion of a side-parting.

However, whether that means it looks like the leader of the Third Reich is a matter of opinion.

We'll let you be the judge...

Yeovil Express:

Oddly enough, this isn't the first Adolf-esque abode to hit the headlines. A property in Swansea became an internet sensation after celebrities, such as Jimmy Carr, flagged it up on Twitter.



Back in Somerset you can find Grass Royal in Yeovil, unfortunately nicknamed "Swastika Terrace" due to the emblems being included in the brickwork.

Yeovil Express: STRIKING: The emblems are embedded in brickwork in Grass Royal, Yeovil

The swastika was an ancient Indian religious symbol, long before it was adopted by the Nazis, and was widely used as a lucky charm in Victorian Britain when the houses were built.

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And buildings aren't the only thing bearing a resemblance to the reviled dictator - there's a whole website dedicated to the topic, fittingly called, "Things That Look Like Hitler" and features everything from cats to doors, satellite dishes to company logos.

So, what do you think? Do you see a resemblence or is our reader simply seeing things?