An interactive map has been updated to show how dangerous roads in Somerset, and the rest of the UK, really are.

The Department for Transport map now includes data on all road collisions in the UK from 2019 to 2020.

Users can navigate the map to see the statistics by region, council area and postcode.

The CollisionMap adjusts the data according to population so that users can compare the figures more accurately between areas as well as the national average.

Yeovil Express: Collision Map on iPhone. Credit: Buchanan ComputingCollision Map on iPhone. Credit: Buchanan Computing

Explaining why the company created the map, managing director of Buchanan Computing, Alex Smith, said: "Maintaining road safety is an important issue. There are severe financial pressures on local government, meaning authorities can't always devote the necessary funding to road safety.

"By allowing the public free access to CollisionMap, we feel we are playing a part by providing the information they need that allows them to engage with local authorities on road safety matters."

The website allows users to make various adjustments to allow for more accurate comparisons.

Smith said: "What is unique to CollisionMap is that we've incorporated the facility for the public to see how they compare adjusted for population levels as well as the road length in their area.

"So, everyone can see if they are in a postcode that has good road safety and also check how their local authority stands compared to others."

How safe are Somerset's roads?

There were 637 recorded collisions in Somerset between 2019 and 2020 which is the sixth-highest in the south west after Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol.

There were 9665 casualties with 1456 killed and seriously injured (KSI) collisions across the south west between 2019 and 2020.

Of these, Somerset made up 834 casualties and 78 KSIs.

At the bottom of the list, the lowest in the south west was the Isles if Scilly which reported no collisions, casualties or KSIs.

Total collisions in the south west

  1. Devon - 1100
  2. Cornwall - 862
  3. Gloucestershire - 695
  4. Wiltshire 670
  5. Bristol - 646
  6. Somerset - 637
  7. Dorset - 630
  8. Plymouth - 381
  9. South Gloucestershire - 332
  10. Bournemouth - 310
  11. Swindon - 291
  12. North Somerset - 254
  13. Poole - 218
  14. Torbay - 183
  15. Bath and North East Somerset - 175
  16. Isle of Scilly - 0

See the full CollisionMap here.