AN Avon and Somerset police officer used a force computer to check on colleagues' and other people's records, it is claimed.

The constable is also accused of lying about it when challenged by a superior.

The officer, named only as PC F, faces a misconduct hearing next week.

The panel will hear on Monday (April 4) that the officer is alleged to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers.

They are said to have breached the standards relating to honesty and integrity; orders and instructions; confidentiality; and discreditable conduct.

A notice of the hearing says: "It is alleged that on numerous occasions between 26 February 2021 and 12 July 2021, PC F accessed police computer systems NICHE and STORM for non-policing purposes to search for their own name and address and for records relating to colleagues and other people.

"It is also alleged that on 23 November 2021, PC F gave a dishonest response when asked about the above allegations.

"And it is contended that (if proven) the allegations amount to gross misconduct."

As things stand, the hearing will be subject to restrictions on recording or revealing PC F's identity of information that could lead to their identification.

The restriction also covers revealing the reasons for PC F being granted anonymity.