THE bear necessities of Pam Cornish are ...well cuddly toy bears.

Husband Dave has been buying Pam bears for special occasions for years and they now amassed 100 of them.

The century was reached on Pam's 75th birthday last month

Her daughter Jen Fox said: "He started off the collection with Shade and now has bought mum so many they are taking over their home in Chard.

"Each bear is loved as much as the last."

Dave bought the first bear from a shop in Taunton and Pam was so chuffed he's not stopped since.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas - she knows exactly what she's going to get as a present from her husband.

"Mum just loved the first one, so Dave decided to carry it on," added Jen.

"In fact, it's not just events such as that, there always seems to be an excuse for Dave to get a bear if mum's having a difficult day.

"A bedroom is full of them and Dave builds shelves to keep them on. They fill every available space.

"They all come with names, but mum changes them to her own names."