TWO former Avon and Somerset Police special constables exchanged "inappropriate, derogatory and discriminatory" WhatsApp messages, it is alleged.

A misconduct hearing for the two men, identified only as Special Constable Y and Special Constable Z, is being held by the force tomorrow morning (Friday, June 10).

SC Y is alleged to have sent posts, photos, messages and videos which breached disability, race, religion and sex (gender) rules between April 25 2019 and July 11 2021.

The same accusation has been levelled against SC Z between November 1 2019 and October 27 2021.

Both are also accused of "failing to challenge improper conduct" when receiving and having read the messages sent to them.

The allegations would amount to a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers, specifically the standards of honesty and integrity; equality and diversity; authority, respect and courtesy; and discreditable conduct.

They would amount to gross misconduct if proven.