AN Avon and Somerset PC used the police computer system to access confidential information about people he knew, it is claimed.

The officer, who no longer works for the force, is accused of searching digital records of the people and their addresses "on numerous occasions" between December 2020 and the following June.

They are further alleged to have disclosed confidential information obtained from the police computer system for non-policing purposes.

The former constable, named only as PC G, faces a misconduct hearing at the constabulary's headquarters in Portishead on Monday, August 1.

A notice issued by Avon and Somerset Police says: "It is alleged that on numerous occasions between 3 December 2020 and 19 June 2021, former PC G accessed police computer system NICHE for non-policing purposes to search for records relating to people known to former PC G and their addresses, and disclosed for non-policing purposes confidential information obtained from NICHE, and for non-policing purposes dishonestly gave false information and indicated it had come from a police source, causing distress."

PC G is accused of breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers, specifically the standards of honesty and integrity; orders and instructions; confidentiality; and discreditable conduct.

If proven, the former PC's alleged actions would amount to gross misconduct.

The misconduct hearing will be partially held in public, but there will be a ban on revealing the identity of PC G or the witness in the case (Witness A), or why they have been granted anonymity..