AN Avon and Somerset police constable acted "inappropriately" with at least four female officers, it is alleged.

The male officer, known only as PC H, faces a misconduct hearing next Monday (July 25), when he will be accused of breaching the standards of professional behaviour for police officers.

He is accused of:

  • not treating his colleagues with respect and courtesy by acting inappropriately towards them;
  • in relation to one colleague (Officer A), this included pretending to cut her hair, touching her face mask repeatedly, hugging her despite her not consenting, holding her hand, putting his hand on her shoulder and telling her he loved her;
  • in relation to another colleague (Officer B), this included making comments about her personal appearance, sending her text messages to say he loved her, following her around the police station and telling her he had a “really nice dream” about her;
  • in relation to a third colleague (Officer C) this included coming up behind her and giving her a cuddle, commenting on her appearance and making her feel uncomfortable;
  • in relation to a fourth colleague (Officer D), this included touching (for no good reason) the torch on her body armour which was positioned at chest height;
  • in relation to a number of female colleagues, this included touching their hair as they sat in the police station.

It is contended that, if proven, the allegations amount to gross misconduct.

The force has not revealed why PC H has at this stage been granted anonymity.