MOTORISTS driving along the A303 this week might be surprised to see a new mysterious circular monument on farmland close to the road.

The new structure - being dubbed ‘Fridgehenge’ - has been erected in time for the September Equinox in homage to the county’s world-famous stone landmark.

Created by the Organic Milk Cooperative, Fridgehenge is a monument to organic farming and is intended to symbolise the natural goodness of milk that’s been produced on farms that don’t use artificial chemicals and pesticides.

The structure, which is composed of over 30 recycled fridges, each with cow print design, was unveiled at 5.53am this morning at Encie Farm, Somerset, beside the A303, just down the road from the Stonehenge site in Wiltshire.

Gill Crane, communications manager at OMSCo, said: “We are very proud of ‘Fridgehenge’ and hope it helps to inspire more people to drink organic milk and reap the benefits of consuming milk produced on farms with soils rich in natural nutrients.

"After the equinox we'll move to darker days when the dairy farmers will be rising before dawn to make sure we all get fresh milk to feed our families.”

Switching to organic milk is the easiest way to increase your organic intake and you can do this for as little as £1 a week for the whole family, so go organic everyday with a new milk beauty and diet regime.

Fridgehenge will remain on view to motorists for one week until September 29.