A RARE replica of a German Second World War fighter plane is one of many significant historical items being sold by independent auction house Dominic Winter this week as part of an exclusive auction of military, aviation and motoring memorabilia.

The half-scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 - arguably the most notorious single engine fighter plane used by the Luftwaffe in the war – is currently the only plane of its kind that is airworthy.

Budding pilots and aviation enthusiasts will have the chance to fly away in the plane, which will be parked outside the auction house at South Cerney, near Cirencester.

The auction - on Thursday, November 5 - will feature a wide range of military history and aviation memorabilia, including an original Nazi Banner, a WW1 pilots uniform, a German field surgeon’s operation kit from the Great War and a rare collection of MI5 diaries that provide an account of Nazi Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Telephone and online bidding is available. For more information see www.dominicwinter.co.uk or click on the link in our "related articles" section on this page of our website.

Some of the most rare and significant lots include.

· A Half-Scale replica of a Focke-Wulf Fw.190 fighter plane. Expected to fetch up to £25000, this rare German WW2 fighter plane was built in 1984 and is one of two of its kind that is airworthy.

Featuring Luftwaffe colours and markings, it is an exact representation of the aircraft flown by Major "Sepp" Wurmheller - the notorious WW2 fighter ace who claimed over 90 victories over the allies and was killed in action near Alencon in 1944 whilst in his Fw.190 jet.

The plane is offered for sale with full documentation available for inspection, including a current Permit Flight Release Certificate and CAA Radio Licence. The aircraft will be on show outside the auction house tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday.

· A genuine Nazi banner. Expected to fetch up to £600, this red ground stitched banner featuring a black swastika on white groundel is an original banner used by the Third Reich.

· An original German WW1 field surgeon’s operation kit. An almost complete set of nickel plated surgical instruments, as used by the German Army in the First World War.

The kit features a bone saw, bullet extracting forceps, a rill , needles, chesils and many other items. The case is numbered 808 and dates back to 1915. Expected to fetch up to £1,000.

· M15- Nazi Germany diary accounts - A rare collection of five scrap album diaries compiled by Fitzherbert Charles Gerald Gough, who was believed to have worked for the MI5 in Nazi Germany during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The second and third diaries are written in a touristic style but with an increasing emphasis on Germany.

The third album includes an account of his visit to the headquarters of Hitler’s Party in Munich, and the fourth album includes photograph of a Concentration camp in Worms and a labour camp in East Prussia.

This lot is expected to fetch up to £800.

· A rare, large section of original wing fabric from British and German WW1 bomber planes. Dating back to 1916, the British BC2C bomber plane fabric is painted in the classic red white and blue colours, made famous by Captain William Leefe Robinson who was awarded a Victoria Cross for being the first British RAF pilot in a BC2C plane to shoot down a German Zeppelin over Great Britain on the night of August 3, 1916 – the second anniversary of Germany's declaration of war on France.

The German equivalent, also up for auction, is similarly a large section of original wing fabric recovered from a German WW1 fighter jet. From 1917, this lot matches the British version in size and features the distinctive Balkan Cross motif in black and white.

It is believed to have been recovered from an aircraft that was captured and shot down in the war. Both lots are expected to fetch up to £3500 each.

· A genuine WW1 Pilot’s uniform. Expected to fetch up to £1200, this uniform ensemble dating back to 1917, includes a rare American Officers’s Khaki Tunic bearing US insignia, a pair of Belgian issue Khaki breeches, a pair of British brown leather knee boots and a belt and shoulder strap with bayonet frog attached.

A flying helmet, goggles and period leather gloves complete the outfit, which comes complete with a mannequin.

· French revolution death masks. Expected to fetch up to £1,000, this group of three death-head plaster casts are thought to be execution victims of the Guillotine.

Viewing will be available tomorrow and Wednesday from 9am to 7pm and from 9am on the morning of the sale. Commission bids must be received by 10am sale day.

Telephone bids may be arranged with the auction office on a first-come first-served basis.

Internet bidding is also available at www.dominicwinter.co.uk and results will be posted immediately after the sale.