THE history of an angel removed from Petters Way, Yeovil during a heritage project remains a mystery.

The lead figure, which was removed during the final stages of the Community Heritage Access Centre project was originally thought to have sat above the NatWest building in Hendford but the museum is keen to find out any information.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery, the project began in 2003 with the opening of the Community Heritage Access Centre (CHAC) at Lufton Depot, Yeovil.

Designed to hold collections from across South Somerset, CHAC provides a safe, secure and stable home for over 30,000 objects.

Its environmentally controlled stores will ensure that all parts of the collection will be properly cared for and safeguarded for future generations.

The four-year project is on target to be completed in early 2007 and will allow the entire collection to be made fully accessible to the public for research.

David Hill, SSDC's Museums and Heritage services manager said: "CHAC is a safe area for our delicate collections to be stored. Here they can be looked after by experts in properly controlled rooms.

"It is a magnificent angel made out of lead, and we are encouraging anyone who might know the history of it to contact us."

n Information regarding the angel can be given by contacting CHAC on 01935-462855, or Leslie Brook Community Heritage Room at the Museum of South Somerset: 01935-845942.