MARTOCK woman Katy Robinson has been able to lead a normal life despite suffering from chronic back pain – thanks to consultants at a London-based clinic.

Katy, 23, was an academic enthusiast full of energy and passionate about life. But things changed when she began experiencing severe back trouble known as scoliosis.

The condition causes the spine to excessively curve sideways and affects more than four per cent of the population and if left untreated can lead to fatal heart and lung problems.

Katy was told that she would have to wait for the curve to become so severe that the only option would be to operate.

But Katy did not want to sit back and wait for that to happen and she was terrified at the prospect of being operated on.

Katy had refused to talk about her pain, but things changed when she decided that she wanted to go travelling and realised that being such a long way from home could be a problem, especially if her back pain got any worse.

It was at this point that she came across Scoliosis SOS. The London-based clinic opened four years ago and has helped to bring relief to hundreds of back sufferers with its own calming methods - without having to do any surgical operations.

Initially Katy was sceptical, but she had an initial four-week course of massage and exercise treatments and was amazed at the results.

Katy now feels comfortable in clothes she would never have dreamed of wearing before and her confidence has improved dramatically.

“Being able to avoid the surgery has been amazing,” she said.

For more information about Scoliosis SOS clinic – phone 0330-440-1808.