RNAS Yeovilton Air Day on July 9 is set to welcome back the mighty Avro Vulcan XH588 for another spellbinding flying display.

However, while its return to this flagship Royal Navy event seems assured, the financial climate could still act against it.

A recent injection of sponsorship has given the Vulcan’s funding campaign a welcome boost and appears to have secured its continued airworthiness until the end of July. Its future, after that, remains uncertain at this stage.

The Avro Vulcan gave a show-stopping performance at Air Day 2010.

The subject of one of the most high-profile aircraft restoration and maintenance campaigns of all time, XH588 has come to be known as The People’s Aircraft.

That’s an indication of the passion and support much of the population has for the Mighty Delta – the only Vulcan flying anywhere in the world, and a thundering reminder of the outstanding contribution made to the post-war jet age by British designers and engineers.

First flown in 1960, XH588 saw over three decades of RAF service.

It then became a dedicated air display performer, prior to it being grounded in early 1993. It returned to the skies in 2007 and its resurrection has brought it to the attention of a whole new generation of spectators.

From its bellowing engine surge on takeoff to the victorious climb that ends its routine, the Vulcan is unequalled in the airshow arena.

Air Day’s organisers are confident that the Vulcan will, once more, be a complete show-stealer but remain mindful that its return is subject to its ongoing financial well-being.

Up to date information on the Vulcan’s fundraising campaign is regularly published on the official XH558 website - click on the link on this page of our website.

The current list of participating aircraft can also be viewed at Air Day's website - which can also be found by clicking on the link on this page.

Tickets are available online or via the ticketline on 08445-781781.