WHEN Yeovil girl Lily Crawford was just ten-years-old she feared she was going to have a life sentence of pain and discomfort.

She was left devastated when she was told that her spine was rapidly curving to the right and that her condition, known as Scoliosis, would need a nine-hour operation and involving having metal rods fitted down her back.

After endless X-rays and appointments with various specialists Lily was told that she would need surgery as soon as possible.

Although she was aware that her condition was progressing quickly, she was not in any pain and was desperate to avoid losing her flexibility Lily had her heart set on becoming a model; she loved being the centre of attention and aspired to a career on the catwalk.

However, she knew that if she had her spine fused it would be difficult for her to realise her dreams and practically impossible for her participate in the dance classes she loved.

But Lily’s mother, Claire, was not giving up hope and found the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London and booked her in for an intensive course of specialised therapy.

After four weeks she has now stabilised her condition and has made significant improvements in her posture, physical appearance and lung capacity.

And all of a sudden her dreams of becoming a model are back on the agenda.

Lily, now aged 14, said: “When I was first told that I had Scoliosis my whole world fell down around me. I lost so much confidence and I thought my only option was to undergo major spinal fusion surgery.

“But my life has completely changed after completing the therapy at Scoliosis SOS. My back looks a million times better and I feel stronger.”

For more details about the Scoliosis SOS clinic – contact 01394-389670 or click on the link on this page of our website.