YEOVIL Town chairman John Fry has confirmed that the club will submit their planning application for the development of Huish Park to South Somerset District Council later this week.

The long awaited application is scheduled for determination by the Area South Planning Committee in March.

Mr Fry said: "I am pleased to confirm that following numerous discussions with the District Council and our Joint Venture Partner, CDS International Ltd, the Club will be submitting to the Council planning proposals for the development for the north end of the Huish Park site.

"In the last 20 years this football club has made massive strides in its development, as has the town of Yeovil, but my directors and I have to move on with time.

"We are a Championship club now, something that probably could never have been envisaged when we moved to Huish Park back in 1990, and for the sake of the club and all around us we must move on.

"We are desperate to stay on the Huish Park site, however, the stadium needs massive investment to bring it up to modern Championship standards as does the infrastructure around it and the development will bring some 300 new jobs to the area.”

"Only last October a new development of some 800 houses was started a stone's throw away from Huish Park, and those houses residents' will need a food store and having one close by would relieve still further traffic problems from the town centre.

"I would therefore implore the Council to work with us as partners to bring our long standing negotiations to an end to benefit the community of Yeovil and our supporters.

"Yeovil Town Football Club has already put the Town of Yeovil on the International map besides bringing much needed revenue and jobs to the area.

"It cannot afford to be held back and it would be a disaster for the town of Yeovil, if the club was forced to look elsewhere to move forward."

Club manager Gary Johnson said: "Any progression off the pitch for the Football Club has got to be great news for our progression on the pitch.

“It is a pity it has taken so long to get this far. This club has over the last ten years made massive strides in the Football pyramid and as we speak we find ourselves competing in the second tier of English Football and the fourth highest in World football.

"The development would provide the capital to generate new income streams to attract better players and training resources which will obviously enhance our position in the SkyBet Championship."